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Hybrid Ener­gia Pro ser­ves com­pa­nies, housing associa­tions and farms. It exists to help com­pa­nies with their goals for reducing the ener­gy con­sump­tion of their pro­per­ties and enabling them to pro­duce local­ly pro­duced renewable green ener­gy independently.

We com­bi­ne expe­rience with know­led­ge of real esta­te and especial­ly HVAC tech­no­lo­gy, this com­bi­ned with the pro­duc­tion of renewable ener­gy, we are able to impro­ve the ener­gy efficiency of the pro­per­ty as a who­le, and even pro­duce surplus ener­gy. Con­sequent­ly, reducing your ener­gy bills.

We have 15 years of expe­rience in buil­ding ser­vices. Com­bi­ning this with renewable ener­gy pro­duc­tion pro­vi­des a great star­ting point for crea­ting solu­tions and equip­ment assemblies that have not yet been pro­per­ly uti­lized along­si­de industrial ener­gy production.

Only a hand­ful of com­pa­nies are able to acqui­re a 100-meter-high wind farm to their bac­ky­ard, but one or more of 9.8kW wind tur­bi­nes is very rea­lis­tic and pos­sible for any com­pa­ny. How about 50 kW of solar power, or even a com­bi­na­tion of both?

Find out more about com­pa­nies’ ener­gy solu­tions at: www.hybridenergiapro.fi Hybrid Ener­gia Pro is your part­ner when you are loo­king for a solu­tion to reduce ener­gy con­sump­tion, you are loo­king for inno­va­ti­ve solu­tions for ener­gy pro­duc­tion or it is just impor­tant for you that ener­gy is clean and renewable.

Hybrid Energia Oy

Olem­me luo­mas­sa yhdes­sä ener­gi­sem­pää tule­vai­suut­ta kaik­kien ulot­tu­vil­le, tutus­tu täs­tä eri­tyyp­pi­siin ener­gia ratkaisuihimme.

Tasakatto tuulivoimalat

Tuu­li­voi­ma­loi­ta on mah­dol­lis­ta asen­taa hal­lien katoil­le val­miil­la tasa­kat­to­mas­toil­la. Kuvas­sa 3 kpl 2.8kW tuu­li­voi­ma­loi­ta, kysy kam­pan­ja­tar­jous näille!


Asun­to osa­keyh­tiöt voi­vat hank­kia myös tuu­li­voi­ma­loi­ta käyt­töön­sä, ne tasoit­ta­vat tuo­tet­tua ener­gi­aa esi­mer­kik­si aurin­ko­pa­nee­lei­den kans­sa. Suo­tui­sal­la alu­eel­la ne tuot­ta­vat myös todel­la pal­jon säh­köä. Suo­mes­sa aloit­taa toi­min­tan­sa ensim­mäi­nen tuu­li­voi­ma As oy 2020 keväällä. 


Maa­ti­loil­la löy­tyy usein hel­pos­ti  auke­aa tilaa jon­ne voi asen­taa tuu­li­voi­ma­loi­ta, nämä ovat hil­jai­sia eikä humi­na stres­saa eläi­miä. Tämä on lois­ta­va tilai­suus saa­da huk­ka kesan­noil­le todel­la hyö­dyl­lis­tä käyt­töä. Maa­ti­loil­la on myös parem­mat tukli­mah­dol­li­suu­det ener­gia­lait­teis­to­jen hankinnoille!


Aurin­koe­ner­gia, aurin­ko­säh­kö. Tämä tren­di jyl­lää  maa­il­mal­la ja aurin­ko­säh­köä val­jas­te­taan nyt kiih­ty­väl­lä vauh­dil­la. Onko sinul­la tar­vet­ta aurin­ko­säh­köl­le, meil­tä maa ja kat­toa­sen­nuk­set aurinkopaneeleille.

Energy subsidies for your projects.


We will indi­vi­dual­ly help you deter­mi­ne the need for pro­ject financing. Some sub­si­dies are discretionary.

This year, our ser­vices will be eli­gible for sup­port from the Mini­stry of Eco­no­mic Affairs and Emplo­y­ment, as detai­led below.

Ener­gy-saving and ener­gy efficiency invest­ments in 2019 (con­ven­tio­nal tech­no­lo­gy).

Research pro­jects:


  • 50% ener­gy audits of munici­pal, mic­ro, and small com­pa­nies rela­ted to ener­gy efficiency contracts.
  • 40% other ener­gy audits, ana­lyzes, and research projects.

We’ll be hap­py to assist you if you, or your com­pa­ny is inte­res­ted in a new, ener­ge­tic future!